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The round image above represents everything that I’ve been trying to achieve with Rozana for the last 5 years: bringing people on different sides of the Palestinian-Israel conflict together through health. Giving them an opportunity to meet so they can recognise their own common humanity in each other and understand that there is more that unites them then divides them and that a future of peaceful coexistence is possible.
I still believe that can be achieved. I refuse to let go of hope. We are at a tipping point. I believe something positive can come out of this unspeakable tragedy. Things may seem to be irreparably broken right now, but as Leonard Cohen wrote - the cracks are where the light gets in. Help us to keep doing what we are doing - bringing Palestinians and Israelis together to get to 'know the other' - while at the same time building Palestine's health system. I’ve had enough of war. Let’s focus on healing.