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Healing Divides Through Health

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Every program we run is a step towards a world where Israeli and Palestinian children can live without the fear of war.  

At Rozana, we bridge the gap between Israeli and Palestinian communities through comprehensive health programs that not only provide essential services but also foster respect, understanding, and cooperation. Our efforts are rooted in the belief that health care can be a powerful tool for reconciliation and peacebuilding.

Join us on this critical journey of healing and peacebuilding. Your support today has the power to create a better tomorrow for children across the region.

The challenges are immense, but so are the opportunities for impact. Your donations directly support:

Inclusive Partnerships and Cross-Border Collaboration:

Despite the ongoing conflict, Rozana continues to facilitate new cross-border training programs that bring together Palestinian and Israeli healthcare professionals. These initiatives are crucial not just for improving healthcare services but also for maintaining dialogue and cooperation in times of heightened tension. By fostering cooperation between Israeli and Palestinian healthcare providers, Rozana creates networks of understanding and partnership that are vital in these turbulent times. 

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Empathy Through Education:

At Rozana, we believe that understanding is the foundation of peace. By integrating educational activities into our cross-border healthcare projects, we aim to transform perceptions and encourage empathy among communities in conflict. This vital work helps break down the barriers of misunderstanding that fuel ongoing strife. 

Immediate Healthcare Solutions:

As the conflict continues, our patient treatment and transport programs have become more vital and utilised than ever. Our Women4Women team providing primary healthcare to women in remote communities in the West Bank has seen a surge in demand from 500 to 2,000 patients a month. Our dedicated bus lines and volunteer drivers are supporting thousands of critically ill Palestinian patients, particularly children, seeking medical treatment unavailable in the West Bank.  

Urgent Call for Change

Over the past seven months, both Israelis and Palestinians have endured unimaginable tragedy and devastation. This cycle of pain and loss cannot be allowed to repeat itself. Your donation will contribute to programs that are forging a new path forward through health diplomacy. The future is shaped by the choices we make today, and the need for action is urgent. By supporting health diplomacy now, you are investing in a crucial initiative that is using healthcare as a bridge for peace. 

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