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Project Rozana is committed to building Palestinian health capacity.

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Our Fund invests in building sustainable capacity in critical gaps within the Palestinian healthcare system. Our focus is on supporting health professionals who are working to bridge the human resources gap in medical facilities.

In recent years, there has been significant investment in Palestinian medical facilities, but there remains a critical need for trained personnel to operate these sites and provide quality healthcare services. We believe in investing in the education and training of health professionals to close gaps and build sustainable capacity, and the important role that trained medical personnel play in improving the health and wellbeing of communities

Our approach involves hospital-based residencies and fellowships in Israeli hospitals, where health professionals can gain the necessary skills and experience to support Palestinian medical facilities, and create a new generation of trained medical personnel who can continue to serve their communities.

  • We believe in close cooperation with both Palestinian and Israeli hospital partners to identify critical skills gaps in sub-specialty fields and provide optimal training programs to address these gaps. Through this approach, we aim to better serve communities in need and create a sustainable healthcare system that can continue to meet the needs of future generations.
  • Our approach includes medical language training to ensure that health professionals are equipped with the necessary language skills to communicate effectively with patients and colleagues. We recognize that language barriers can be a significant obstacle to providing quality healthcare, and we are committed to breaking down these barriers through language training.
  • Our program recipients are committed to returning to their referring hospitals to provide health services in their communities. This commitment ensures that the knowledge and experience gained through our program are utilized to benefit the communities most in need.
  • We believe that sustainability is achieved by recipients leveraging their wealth of knowledge and experience to train a new generation of Palestinian doctors and health professionals. By investing in this new generation of trained medical personnel, we are building sustainable capacity in the healthcare system that can continue to meet the needs of communities for years to come.

Join us in our mission to bridge the human resources gap in Palestinian medical facilities and build sustainable capacity in the healthcare system. Together, we can create a healthier and more equitable future for all.