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Aiia Maasarwe Memorial Medical Fellowship Program

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Empowering Hope: The Aiia Maasarwe Memorial Medical Fellowship Program

Aiia Maasarwe, a young Palestinian woman with aspirations for peace, was a student at La Trobe University, Melbourne, when her life was tragically and violently cut short in 2019. In response to this profound loss, and with the blessing of Aiia’s family, Rozana established the Aiia Maasarwe Memorial Medical Fellowship Program in her honour. 

By focusing on bridging gaps in the Palestinian health system, the program empowers Palestinian physicians through training in Israeli hospitals, fostering shared experiences and knowledge exchange between Palestinian and Israeli specialists. This initiative is a living tribute to Aiia's vision of a harmonious and interconnected world, where enhanced healthcare directly uplifts the Palestinian community.

You can help us to keep Aiia's dreams alive by supporting the Aiia Maasarwe Memorial Medical Fellowship Program today.

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As we observe the 5th anniversary of the AMMMFP, the ongoing tensions and conflicts in the region make the program's objectives more vital than ever.

By filling critical gaps in paediatric intensive care and ophthalmology, the AMMMFP not only enhances patient care amidst the challenges but also builds a foundation for a stronger, more resilient healthcare infrastructure for Palestine.

Our fellows, like Dr. Ruba Rizik and Dr. Ahmad Shaheen, are at the forefront of this effort, combining professional development with a commitment to peace and community well-being.

Dr. Ruba Rizik

Dr. Ahmad Shaheen

Your contribution to the Aiia Maasarwe Memorial Medical Fellowship Program is more than a donation; it's a pledge towards peace, a gesture of solidarity, and an investment in a healthier, more harmonious future.

Join us in honouring Aiia's memory and empowering healthcare professionals who are making a difference every day.

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